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Why Magnetic Eyelashes Extensions Are the Best

Have you tried out the new One Two Lash? They are magnetic eyelash extensions that are one of a kind; they are designed by One Two Cosmetics. You might have used the other different types of false eyelashes, but this one stands out when it comes to its application.

Comparison between ’Falsie’ Lashes and One Two Lash

’Falsie’ Lashes

The  false lashes use adhesives i.e. glue in their applications. They can have adverse effects like eye problems during and after their application; these eye problems include inflammation, allergies and hemorrhaging. Clinical research and studies have indicated that many stores-bought adhesives and the eyelash kits found at home contain formaldehyde, which is a toxic ingredient.

Getting this type of lashes to sit correctly on your natural lash line is another problem. This makes the application process cumbersome as well as requiring considerable care. Most ladies use tools like tweezers or scissors in the application process. The tools usually subject your eyes to high risks of injury, the process itself is not as simple as such and can cause damage to your natural lashes.

The One Two Lash

A One Two Lash set has micro–magnetic patented features that allow you to set the fake magnet eyelashes to your natural eyelashes within a few seconds. It is the first magnetic eyelash extension in the world today. Its ease of application allows you to use this set of lashes at any place regardless of what you are wearing.

Magnetic Eyelashes

Steps on how to apply One Two Lashes

  • Open the Lash case and remove the top of the One Two Lash, then place it above your top lash line, this will be just above your natural eyelash. For identity, the top lash does not have a red dot.
  • Make alignments at the edge of the One Two Lash with your lash line while still holding onto the One Two Lash using your thumb and index finger.
  • Remove another One Two Lash from the case after allowing the previous One Two Lash to rest on top of your natural eyelash. The red dot on the set of lashes indicates that it’s a lower lash.
  • Gently place the bottom One Two Lash in line with your lash line, this should be below the upper lash. Then bring the bottom of One Two Lash nearer to your natural Lash, you will feel the micro magnetic on the upper lashes pulling towards each other. Your natural lash will be sandwiched between One Two Lashes; this will indicate that they are in their right place.

One how-to video was linked above, and here is another video tutorial on applying One Two Lash.

Pretty easy isn’t it?

Removing the One Two Lash is one of the easiest things, it can also be done anywhere and at any time. Here is a step on how to remove One Two Lash:

  • All you need to do is hold each of the micro magnets with your index finger and thumb and then carefully slide them away from each other.
  • The two micro magnetic lashes should not be pulled forward during this removal; this is because you will permanently damage the magnetic lash as well hurt or remove your natural eyelashes.

The One Two Lash by One Two Cosmetics comes in different styles to cater for everyone’s needs.

  • The Original Lash

This style of lashes is a featherweight falsie that is ideal for people who want long, thick, strong and luxurious lashes. They are made to look natural with a pretty versatile length. They can also work with any look.

  • The Bold Lash

This style of Lash is designed specifically for high-intensity volume with a thick and dense appearance. They are a must for you if you want to look gorgeous during the night as they will mark your transition from day to night.

  • The Accent Lash

This style of Lash is designed to entangle your natural eye lines thus making them have a subtle cat eye effect with some curling at the tip. They add density to your natural lashes.

Another advantage of One Two Lash by One Two Cosmetics is that each set of One Two Lash extensions contains two different sets of lashes. The cost of One Two Lash are also favorable, thus saving you money.


It is thus straightforward to decide which among these two lashes is easiest and best for application. Why not try the One Two Lash today for the best results?

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