Which Penny Cryptocurrency Will Explode in 2022?

Cryptocurrencies are gaining in popularity these days, particularly among speculative speculators. What was once deemed a “fringe” investment is now making headlines in the financial world? Even financial networks like CNBC debate Bitcoin on a regular basis and display a ticker with the current price on their screens.

While the phrase “penny crypto” is subjective, it is still a decent place to start. Most penny cryptos aren’t valuable enough to make a penny in a day, but if you know how to choose the correct ones, they may be, and which penny cryptocurrency will explode in 2022. These penny cryptos will not only make you wealthy in 2022, but they will also teach you the fundamentals of cryptocurrency investment and give possibilities for additional study into other penny cryptocurrencies.

Penny Cryptocurrency That Will Have a 1,000% Gain in 2022?

If one of the penny cryptocurrencies reaches 1,000 percent in 2022 (as several have), your investment may be worth 100 times or more! Consider investing $100 in pennies cryptocurrencies today and converting it into $10,000 tomorrow. Outside of the current top 100, here are some of my picks that might last five years and perform a hundredfold.

The Penny Cryptocurrency That Will Boom in 2022

Let’s assume that by “penny crypto,” it means small-capitalization coins, ones that could do 10x (= 1000%)? Ok, let’s do that after starting with a basic analysis.

Cryptocurrency coin in hand

Facts to Consider First

The first consideration is size. Remember that the value of a coin is not determined by its price. The completely diluted market cap is what matters.

Market Cap = Current Price x Circulating Supply.

Look at DOGE, for example. The price per coin is $0.120, but the total market cap is over $15 billion. As a result, it is not a “penny” crypto. It’s a mega-cap coin (it’s in the top ten, after all).

Fully diluted market cap = Price x total number of coins ever to be minted

Because DOGE currently has no total number of coins, its completely diluted market cap is limitless. This makes it difficult to complete projects on it. Have a look at Terra (LUNA). Its current market cap is $20 billion, but when all of its coins are minted (over several years), its fully diluted market cap is $44 billion. When considering returns over several months, the completely diluted market cap is important since there will be more coins in circulation.

Only Ethereum and Bitcoin have a market value of more than $100 billion, while only 19 currencies have a market capitalization of more than $10 billion. So if you want a reasonable projection based on what has already been achieved, you want a coin with a fully diluted market cap below $1 billion.

Fully Diluted Market Cap Below $1 Billion: The next thing you want to look for is a relatively sure bet. Some tokens are starting their own network like ZIL. It might be a great idea, but because it’s running on its own ecosystem (it is a competitor to ETH), it won’t get the support of an established winner.

Right now, there are a few fully functioning ecosystems:

  • Ethereum (ETH)- the largest but slowest and costliest
  • Solana (SOL) – the fastest but still developing with weird tokenomics (lots of coin dilution for most SOL projects)
  • Algorand (ALGO) – Just barely as fast enough for right now (1000 tps) and the most nascent ecosystem, but tons of partnerships, including national partnerships like with El Salvador.
  • Avalanche (AVAX) – Does 4500 transactions per second (TPS) and has a growing ecosystem. Their advantage seems to be cross-chain integrations.
  • Terra (LUNA) – quite fast, a complete decentralized finance ecosystem, great tokenomics, my honest favorite.

We’ll want to pick projects on these functional blockchains.

Pick Projects Within These Already Working Ecosystems: As a final note, recall that cryptocurrencies have three sectors right now: Decentralized finance, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and web 3.0 applications. So it’s a vast crypto-currency space.

Selections of The Cryptocurrency That Will Boom

You can buy cryptocurrency from the many different websites. But you should look up some facts before. With these things in mind, here are some interesting projects that could do 10x, not next month, but through what will probably be the end of this bull run in 2022.

A chart of Token Allocation

Spectrum Token

SPEC’s fully diluted market cap is $303 million. It is a yield aggregator on the LUNA blockchain. Basically, deposit your coins here, and you can get 50% – 300% APY. And if you’re smart about it, you’ll avoid impermanent loss. The comparable version on Ethereum, Yearn Finance, hit better than $3 billion just last May. The trading started $2 dollar range, and it’s still a good bet in the $7 range. If LUNA continues to do well, then this could hit $3 billion in 2022 = 10x.

  • How to buy it? If you have UST, send that to your TerraStation wallet and trade for SPEC here.


PNG’s fully diluted market cap is $806 million. This is the major decentralized exchange on AVAX. Basically, it’s the equivalent of Ethereum’s Uniswap. If AVAX takes off, then in 2022, reaching $8 billion for the top decentralized exchange is reasonable = 10x.


LIKE fully diluted market cap is $276 million. This is Patreon runs on the Solana blockchain using NFTs. If Solana continues to take off, then this will be a super useful platform that could reasonably hit $2.7 billion in 2022 = 10x.

Loop Finance

LOOP is a PRE-SALE for the token of what will be a major decentralized exchange platform on LUNA. This is the equivalent of SushiSwap on Ethereum. Since this is so early, only $14.7 million in market cap presently, this could do 100x in 2022.

Those are 4 picks that have the potential to do 10x to 100x in 2022, assuming this bull run continues for at least the first quarter of that year.

You’ll notice that these coins are not easy to buy. That’s the entry barrier that allows you to get in early on these projects. That’s why the LOOP returns exist (for a possible 1000x).

LOOP is so early that there’s a complicated process of buying Pylon tokens (MINE) on Terraswap, which you then have to lock up on Pylon for the LOOP finance project. That way, you’ll get coins from the 25% Community Fund.

Final Thoughts

Some penny cryptos will gain in value while others will fall in value, providing you a good return on your investment. Just make sure they’re worthwhile penny cryptos! Just remember, being able to navigate all this or get the help to do it is why you’ll be able to make more money.

That’s it for today! Happy Trading!

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