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Home Security System Guide and Reviews

Thanks to the Internet of Things, you can now easily build a smart home where you can remotely control and monitor devices and appliances using your Smartphone and an installed app. It has also led to major advances in one of the primary concerns for home owners – home security. Thanks to the IoT, you can now monitor your home security from anywhere using smart security systems.

Smart security systems come in tow broad categories. The first includes the systems that you can monitor by yourself. These are cheaper to install and maintain. The second category includes smart security systems for which you pay a recurring fee to have professionals monitor your home security. These professionals keep track of the system’s performance and contact authorities on your behalf when an alarm is triggered.

Depending on your personal security and financial preferences, you’ll need to choose a home security system that keeps you assured that you’ll always know when someone tries to access your home. Some of the considerations to make when choosing the best home security system include the following.

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What does the package include?

Smart home security systems connect to your Smartphone app via one or more network protocols installed in your home. Common network protocols include WiFi, Zigbee and Z-Wave. The typical home security system package will include motion detectors, door and window sensors and a network hub connecting the devices to the security app. High end sophisticated packages will usually include additional components such as door locks, additional sensors and motion detectors, cameras and other accessories.

Ease of use and control using the app

Before investing in a smart home security system, it’s worth considering what exactly you can do with its accompanying app. The app primarily acts as your central command center through which you can create, modify and delete customized rules. The best home security systems have apps that give you almost unlimited control over the system. For example, you can easily configure the system’s camera to start recoding video immediately an alarm is triggered. You can also program the system to send live recording straight to your Smartphone of to a particular storage media. Some apps are even designed to arm and disarm the security system based on your location.

When making this consideration, keep in mind that you’re likely to pay more based on the number of useful features included in the system’s app.


You’ll need to choose between a DIY type of system and a professionally installed system. DIY types such as the SkyLinkNet Alarm System and the iSmartAlarm are a good choice for people on a budget. They will save you money you’d have otherwise spent on hiring professional installers.

The main downside with DIY type systems is that they generally lack certain features and, might be difficult to install. It’s therefore recommended that you carefully research a DIY installation system before investing in it.

One of the good professionally installed security system kits is the Vivint Sky. This system comes with all the features you need to monitor your home. One great feature is the 24/7 monitoring with direct alerts to local police departments. As you’d expect, this system is on the high end but a good choice if you want a home security system that also acts as a home automation system.


There are instances where investing in a complete home security system might seem a bit extreme and expensive. In such instances, alternatives such as surveillance cameras with built in motion sensors and video storage can be a good choice. Two of our top picks are the Canary all in one home security device and, the iControl Networks Piper NV.

Two of the best home security systems

iSmartAlarm Premium Package

This is our top pick for DIY installation systems. It’s an affordable kit that is easy to install and includes all components you need to monitor your home security through your smartphone. We like the fact that this system can be easily scaled by adding extra components provided by iSmartAlarm. However, its major drawback is that the system doesn’t record video but rather, produces snapshots.

Vivint Sky

This home security system offers 24/7 monitoring for your home and provides a wide range of customization features that make securing your home an easy task. This high end system is available in three different subscription packages. Each package includes its own set of features with the most expensive package going for $69.99 per month. Some of the features that make this system stand out are compatibility with several wireless network protocols and ability to send alerts to local authorities when an alarm is triggered.

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