Best Forearm Workouts

Forearm Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

The forearms are the lower part of your arms, extending from the elbow to where your hand starts. It is made up of the ulna and radius bones. Being covered allows it to produce a sensory function. The forearm comprises two large arteries that go by radial and ulnar, similar to the bones. The forearms musculature comes from derivates of both blood vessels mentioned above.
This area of the body is also composed of nerves that go by the name of radial, ulnar and median, and their distal branches.

The forearm is commonly broken since when you fall, the most common reflex is to extend your arms, providing unavoidable pressure to this region and therefore a fracture or tear. Working out can strengthen these regions providing a better chance of avoiding injury.

Forearm Exercises for Man

Are you tired of having skinny forearms? Does the size of your arms make you self-conscious? Look no further. Listed below will be a series of different forearm workouts for men to help you get over these insecurities. Taking care of your physical health is super important! Not only will you feel instantly better due to the endorphins, but you will also improve the longevity of your heart and muscles. Working out is fantastic! It will give you a healthier and longer life guaranteed.

Are you reading this while in isolation? No need to worry, most of the exercises listed can quickly be done from your home, so stay tuned.

Behind-the-Back Cable CurlBehind-the-Back Cable Curl

This exercise is done by attaching a D-handle to a low pulley of a cable machine, a machine that can be found in every gym. Make sure to have the foot opposite to the hand you’re grabbing the pulley in front as the leader. The recommended distance is between 2 to 3 feet away; that’s when you start to feel the pull in your arm slightly behind your body. Lastly, curb the handle, making sure to disallow your elbow to point forward, followed by slowly lowering it back to the starting position.

EZ-bar Preacher CurlEZ-bar Preacher Curl

This exercise is done by putting the desired amount of weight in the EZ bar and then sitting on the preacher bench, grabbing the bar shoulder-width apart using an underhand grip. Then, facing forward with your back straight, lift the weight until your forearms are at a right angle to the floor. Once all that has been done, slowly go back to the starting position.

Zottman CurlZottman Curl

This is a great forearm workout with dumbbells. Grab the desired weight, then begin the movement by curling upwards as you would with a standard dumbbell curl, making sure that your palms face up when gripping.

Hammer CurlHammer Curl

This is a simple variation to the standard bicep curl. The difference is that the grip is vertical instead of horizontal. It is a great forearm workout with dumbbells. It helps with grip strength and wrist stability.

Reverse CurlReverse Curl

These are the same as barbell bicep curls- the difference is that this exercise is with an overhand grip instead of underhand. Unlike the hammer curl mentioned above, the barbell is held horizontally.

Wide Grip CurlWide Grip Curl

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, grab a barbell with your palms facing outward. Then, without moving your upper arms, lift the barbell towards your chest, ideally touching. This is a great bicep workout.

Wrist FlexionWrist Flexion

This is the action of bending your hand down as close as you can towards the wrist with your palm facing toward your arm. It is a great exercise to do but should be done with reduced weight amounts, or else it will result in a challenging workout.

Wrist ExtensionWrist Extension

This is the opposite motion to the wrist flexion. Instead of going down with your hand, you are meant to go in the other direction as if you were making a ‘stop’ reference. Just like wrist flexion, this is an exercise that should be done with little weight.

Farmers WalkWrist Extension

Also known as the farmer’s carry, this exercise consists of gripping a large amount of weight on both hands and walking for a determined distance with your knuckles pointing downwards. This is an excellent all-around arm workout as well as major muscle groups.

Crab WalkCrab Walk

This might be a strange exercise to try at first, but don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it straight away. It consists of you lying with your back facing the floor, but the only parts of your body that touch the ground are your hands and feet. The movement should be contralateral- this means moving the opposite arm and leg at the same time.
This is a great workout involving the whole body.


Just like the crab walk, this is an exercise that is completed involving your very own body weight. It consists of you pulling yourself up towards the bar until your chin passes it, followed by lowering yourself down slowly. For this exercise, your knuckles should be facing outwards. It is a great arm, shoulder, and even back workout, so make sure to add it to your roster.

Rope ClimbRope Climb

Grip the rope with your preferred hand being on top and the remaining rope between your legs. Then, pull yourself up by bending your elbows and using the hand closest to the ground to go over the other hand closest to the ceiling. This is one of the best upper body strength exercises available, and all that is needed is a hanging rope.

Plate Pinch HoldPlate Pinch Hold

This is where you pinch two plates together with your hands, having your arms straight by your side. It is an easy exercise used to improve hand strength and overall grip and is a great forearm workout for a man.

Wrapping Up!

It is essential to be gentle with all of these workouts and start with a relatively low weight. Please don’t force yourself beyond your overall skill since this could result in injury, and I’m sure that’s not at all what you’re looking for! In the list as mentioned above of different workouts, most of them can be done from home. The only required are dumbbells, a bar, and a few plates that will do the trick! The different body regions involved would be primarily the arms, with a few shoulders, core, back, and even a little bit of legs making your workout a full use of your body!

Working out is one of the most important things to keep healthy and live a long life. Implementing these workouts will improve the way you feel about yourself, and if you keep on track, it won’t be long before you start seeing results! A new and improved you will be able to enjoy life so much more, so what are you waiting for? It all begins with you.

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