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Christmas Day: Holiday Traditions and Gifts

Christmas day is among the most well-known holidays of the whole year. Many people, especially children, look forward to Christmas day in the whole year. In addition, it is a holiday charged with a lot of meaning and traditions. You probably know a lot about the Christmas Holiday, and however, we will tell you some things you might not know about it. So, please continue to read and find out more about it.

When Did Christmas Begin?

To celebrate Christmas day in a good way, we first need to know its origin. So, keep reading to learn the origin of Christmas Eve and Xmas.

The Origin of Christmas Eve

You might be wondering why we also celebrate the day before Christmas. Well, this might have a meaning that comes from the Jewish culture. In the Jewish culture, they celebrate the day from 6 pm to the day’s end. As a result of this, Christians not only celebrate the 25th but December 24th too.

Christmas or Xmas

Christmas is believed to have been celebrated as early as the 4th century. It started as a very common Christian holiday, celebrating the birth of Jesus. However, nowadays, it spreads itself as one of the most well-known holidays for almost everyone.

Christmas Traditions

There are also a lot of different traditions that come with celebrating Christmas in the USA. For instance, it is very common for people to put holiday living Christmas lights in their houses. When we think about the Christmas Holiday, we also think about all of those different traditions that come with it. So, here are the most well known Christmas day traditions:

Hanging Stockings From Christmas Poem

Red and white Christmas socks hanging

It is a tradition that comes from an old story about Saint Nicholas. This saint once entered the house of some poor girls by the chimney and saw their stockings drying. He then decided to place some gold inside them and left the house. That’s why this is one of the most well-known Christmas Holiday traditions. In addition, it became a critical Christmas & Holiday decor.

The Tradition Of Sending Christmas Cards

A emotional woman hugs a Christmas gift card

Another very well-known tradition that many families do is sending cards to their loved ones. You probably have a memory of a holiday Christmas card. Taking a photograph of you and your loved ones and sending it is an extraordinary thing to do.

The Tradition Of Decorating A Christmas Tree

A decorated enlightened christmas tree

One iconic thing about Christmas Holiday is the Christmas tree. The happy holidays Christmas trees are an essential part of it all. At first, having a Christmas tree wasn’t a symbol of this holiday. It began as a pagan practice that symbolized the beginning of the winter. Nevertheless, it is now a sign that Christmas is coming. In addition, Queen Victoria of England popularized this tradition.

Eating Fruitcake For Special Occasions

a peace of Fruitcake decorated by cherry on plate with fork

Eating Fruitcake is a delicious tradition that everybody loves about Christmas. This symbol was also incorporated into Christmas day during Victorian times. However, eating Fruitcake is not something new at all. Just the opposite, even the Romans had their type of Fruitcake to consume on special occasions.

Going Caroling Has Roots

People are reciting christmas poem

Going caroling was a request from many bishops that wanted to popularize Christmas. However, in the beginning, most carols were written in Latin. As a result of this, they weren’t trendy. Saint Francis of Assisi was the first to start caroling about the birth of Jesus. In addition, he did it in the spoken language so that everybody could understand. It is something that popularized the merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Decorating Christmas Cookies Is A Tradition

Decorated Christmas cookies on a plate

Winter celebrations and good food have always been together throughout history. However, desserts weren’t a particular part of the celebration in the past. When people started celebrating Christmas more, bakers used more expensive ingredients like cinnamon or sugar for desserts. Nowadays, cookies and sweets are a significant part of Christmas.

Department Store Holiday Windows

Dresses for Christmas in store for sale

Nowadays, it is very common for stores to embrace the Christmas Holiday spirit. If you walk through a mall during this time of the year, you will appreciate all the decorated windows. It is a tradition for stores to decorate their windows cheerfully!

The Tradition of Giving Children Presents

Two woman are talking holding christmas gifts

Giving children presents is also a critical tradition with the Christmas Holiday. One of the things that children are most anxious about at Christmas is receiving gifts. It was also a tradition that began with Saint Nicholas with poor people and quickly became popular. Some popular gifts are holiday specs, Christmas glasses, Gaming monitors, Gaming PC, the latest smartphones and many more for your loved ones.

Christmas Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Getting gifts for your loved ones is one of the essential parts of the Christmas Holiday. Giving presents to those you love is a lovely tradition. Many people believe that this is a very materialistic thing to do and care for it. However, the importance of giving gifts is not the gift itself, but the thing is what it represents. It is essential to think about a personal gift to give away to every loved one you have.

Holiday Traditions And Travels

Throughout this article, we mostly talked about Christmas day and all of the holiday traditions it has. However, it is not the only holiday that we can talk about at this time of the year. Not everybody likes to celebrate Christmas, and there are other options to celebrate. So, here are the most popular traditions during this time of the year:

December / Winter Festivals

A painting based on preparation of Christmas festival

Before Christmas was even a thing, people still celebrated during this time of the year. December is a great month to celebrate and be thankful for the whole year you lived. It is normal to be tired and optimistic about the next year during this time of the year. So, if you don’t want to celebrate the Christmas Holiday, there are many other winter festivals in December.


Donuts, enlightened candles on a table on Hanukkah festival

Hanukkah is another very well-known celebration that you might know of this year. You might also know this celebration as the festival of lights and is a Jewish Holiday. The meaning of Hanukkah is to celebrate the recovery of Jerusalem. Hanukkah has a lot of its traditions and extraordinary things too!


Kwanzaa festival with some fruits candles on table

Kwanzaa is an African-American celebration that goes from December 26th to January 1st. Maulana Karenga created this celebration to integrate many harvests into African festivals. It is an opportunity for black people to celebrate their own culture and an alternative to Christmas or Hanukkah.


We spoke about a lot of stuff regarding Christmas day in this article. We talked about how it started and the meaning it has. In addition, we also talked about many traditions that come with it. Moreover, we mentioned the importance of gifts to your loved ones. Finally, we talked about some other holidays during this year.

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