The Best Soundbars You Can Buy Right Now

Whether you are having a HDTV or a top of the range 4K, you are most obviously familiar with the fact that most TVs don’t deliver the best when it comes to audio quality. However, you need not panic as there is a solution to this: soundbars!

Soundbars are considered as the best solution when it comes to enhancing the audio quality for your TV set. Closely related to sound bases, they offer the best solution in terms of audio quality while also incorporating an aspect of aesthetic appeal without the fuss of wires of crisscrossing your living room: a common problem associated with surround sound systems.

Soundbars are available in hundreds of variations some small, others large, some with limited features, others with plenty of features, the list is quite endless. While this is considered as being advantageous as it offers a consumer plenty of choices, it is in a way a challenge since it makes the selection process quite daunting for most consumers.

So how do you go about selecting the best soundbar ? Well, the following overview on some of the factors to consider when selecting the best soundbar might come in handy during the selection process.

Soundbar or soundbase?

If want to improve the sound quality of your TV without having a 5.1 home theatre system cluttering your living room, the first decision you will ultimately have to make is whether to go for a soundbar or a soundbase. However, to make a sound decision, you have to differentiate between the two.

A soundbar is basically a slim speaker system that can be mounted on the wall below your TV or placed in front of a TV to improve sound quality. Most soundbars usually incorporate 2.1 technology with a separate subwoofer for the best audio experience. Soundbases on the other hand is a much thicker or larger unit designed to sit below a TV or cabinet and as a norm, often incorporate a subwoofer within the setup.

Soundbases are often rated in terms of the weight of the TV they can support and are usually quite expensive when compared to soundbars.

Active or passive

It is important to also understand the difference between active and passive soundbars so as to make an informed decision when selecting the best soundbars.

An active soundbar usually have an all-in-one setup with everything housed within one sleek bar and as such, have streamlined compact look. Passive soundbars on the other hand usually have a separate amplifier or receiver and as a result have some wires for connectivity purposes.

Most modern soundbars are active soundbars and as a norm, are considered the best.


You most likely want your living room to look good and in view of this, aesthetics will feature prominently in the list of factors to consider when selecting a soundbar. When it comes to aesthetics, you are in luck as soundbars have been designed with this in mind and as a result you have a limitless selection from which you can make a choice.


Connectivity is also another important factor you will have to consider when selecting the best a rule, you should ensure that you go for a soundbar that offers connectivity that is compatible with your TV set.

When it comes to connectivity, there are quite a number of options available. Nearly all soundbars have an optical digital connection and also HDMI connections. For the latest 4K Ultra HD TVs, there are 4K video compatible soundbars also available in the market.

Connection capability

With the rapid proliferation of technology, soundbars have evolved to incorporate some of the latest technology as part of their design. For instance, there are soundbars that support Bluetooth connectivity where you can stream music from your phone or tablet directly to the soundbar while others offer Wi-Fi connectivity.

Some soundbars also have the capacity to communicate with music player and AV receivers over a networked connection. The choice is virtually limitless.

Number of channels

The number of channels that a soundbar is another important factor to consider when buying the best soundbar. A soundbar can either be in 2.1, 5.1 or 7.1 bandwidth channels and as a norm, these channels usually indicate the capability of a soundbar to offer the best surround sound.


By considering the above overview on factors to consider when selecting the best soundbar, you are assured of finding the best soundbar.

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