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Best Home Security System in 2022 (Updated)

The high-tech innovations in security systems assure safety in our apartment. We can have peace with assured security in our homes. Technology in security systems makes our homes safe since we can get the best home security system at a cost that everyone can afford.

Present-day innovations have made it possible to overcome the old security systems that needed contracts and tiring installation processes. Best versions that do not need experts for installation are available!

You only need to pay for the monitoring service when you want it. The article shall deliberate on the ten best home security systems that you can install at your home at cost-effective value.

What is Home Security System?

It is a practice that involves the security hardware on a property and personal security practices. The security hardware includes locks, alarm systems, doors, lighting, motion detectors, and camera systems.

Personal security systems engulf the personal practices to enhance security like closing doors, activating alarms, and even owning a dog for security purposes.

Consider the following home security systems that rank best among the available security systems in the globe.

Home Security System

Best Home Security System in 2022

There are leading considerations that come in handy before choosing a security system. The considerations are:

  • Ease of installation and use
  • Contracts costs
  • The security features and how it integrates into smart-homes
  • The services that the customers get and the reputation of the provider
  • The monitoring time
  • Response time

The ranking of the best home security camera system uses the criteria above for ranking. The article considers the best applications basing on hand tests, interviews, and comments from real customers.


Vivint is the best home security system with all the specifications for maximum monitoring and safety of your house. It is though expensive, but the benefits it accords are worth the price.

The experience with the systems is quite appealing, and you get to enjoy the third-party device integrations. Vivint will not demand a contract.


  • It has customizable security packages
  • Has an s smart deter lurker detection
  • Vivint used advanced security tech and equipment
  • It’s a one home security app
  • The customers enjoy free in-home security consultation


  • High cost
  • Do not have a DIY option
  • Termination fees are high


SimpliSafe is a home security system with a DIY option. The best DIY home security system offers excellent ad on. The SimpliSafe has an indoor video camera, a smart lock, a doorbell camera, and other sensors.

Customers enjoy a whole time safe monitoring at a competitive price with those of DIY systems. The app works with voice control systems, google assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

It is prudent to note that SimpliSafe does not have outdoor cameras and outside smart speakers. They are also not compatible with other Non-SimpliSafe devices except the August Locks. The system is best for people looking for an easy-to-use system with fantastic ads on.


  • SimpliSafe provides there customers with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • It has customizable plans and equipment’s
  • You get access to a monthly monitoring
  • Do not need contracts
  • Best for renters


  • The outdoor camera options are limited
  • The upfront cost is relatively higher


Frontpoint is among the fantastic home security systems that deliver the best services to customers. It has the features that every home security system should have, like indoor and outdoor security cameras, smart home integration, and mobile app control.

The system will give your home a whole day pro monitoring that comes with in-home consultations; hence, you will not incur high equipment prices. The Frontpoint home security system has bells and whistles at a fill service, and everything will be under eh owner’s control.


  • You can control in a free mobile app
  • Accords you with an easy DIY installation
  • You do not need contracts for monitoring
  • It gives the customers a risk-free 30-day trial
  • The customer services are friendly


  • Do not have pro installation options
  • The monitoring fees are higher


ADT is a home security company, which delivers top-notch home protection for over 8 million users across the globe. The home security system has fantastic features that support home safety systems.

You get access to free whole risk assessment guaranteed by over 140 years of experience in the industry. Their security consultations are top-notch and more monitoring centers to accord high-class experience. The company will deliver pro installations to its customers at an affordable price.


  • Best customer services
  • Long experience over 140 years
  • Have nine monitoring centers
  • Free whole-home risk assessment
  • The response times are reliable


  • The monitoring fees are high
  • The termination fees are high
  • The contracts are long with no trial periods

Blue by ADT

ATD is the world’s best security provider, and the Blue ATD is their latest release with fantastic features that makes it possible to access smart home security systems.

Blue ATD is available for everyone since it does not need an in-home visit or a long-term contract like the old ATD systems. The latest security system has smart cameras, optional self-monitoring, a free mobile app, and affordable prices.


  • You do not need contracts
  • Mobile app
  • Has many types of equipment and camera options
  • The monthly monitoring is affordable


  • The mobile app is glitchy
  • The equipment is bulky
  • The camera security system is expensive


Abode is a rare security system that will impress the people in need of a system that can easily integrate thermostats, lighting, and voice control units. The Abode smart security system supports Z-wave and the devices that use the Zigbee tech.

It can also work with devices that support Alexa, apple home kit, and google assistant. You will pay some benefits to enjoy the Abode support system. The Abode starter packages are though expensive.


  • Has an advanced smart home compatibility
  • Offers simple and quick setup
  • Best for apartments and dorms


  • The upfront costs are a bit high
  • It has a limited function for bigger houses


The customer ratings for this new device are impressive, and they show how effective the home security system is. The upfront cost is affordable, and the monthly monitoring prices are pocket-friendly.

You can get the system without a contract, and the termination is free when you feel the system is below your expectations. The security system does not charge fees and penalties for people who want to terminate the contracts with the security provider. Cove delivers basics at an affordable price; they often put the customer demands on top.


  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • A lifetime warranty is available
  • Termination is easy
  • The customer reviews are enticing


  • The brand is new
  • Limited smart home compatibility is still a challenge

Ring Alarm

The ring alarm security system is compatible with Amazon Alexa and provides top-notch security to the users. Ring Alarm is the best for people who are working under a stringent budget.

The live monitoring plan is affordable. You may like the option to self-monitor to avoid extra costs. The system does not have a dedicated glass break sensor and does not have smart home support. Ring alarms do offer more video add ons, such as the Ring video doorbell wired.


  • The security system works with ring video doorbells and alarms
  • It is the best self-monitored home security system
  • The monthly monitoring fee is affordable


  • The upfront equipment costs are expensive
  • Do not have any cameras in their security kit\

Link Interactive

Link interactive security system is a unique security provider that gives customers up to 48 sensors in a package. The extra sensors that the company is so fond of are not available in other companies.

The extra sensors will serve everything like stoves, firearms, and other types of home appliances. The home automation system is accessible when you install the link interactive safety system. It is among the best home security camera systems that you can get at pocket-friendly prices.


  • Provides up to 48 windows and door sensors in a basic package
  • Has extra sensors that you can link to other devices like firearms and, stoves and others
  • Link interactive has short contracts that do not last for more than 12 months


  • Requires contracts
  • The termination fees are high


The equipment package from bricks offers ease of use. It is the best home security for beginners. The package gives one professional monitoring plan with three equipment packages.

Choose the best wireless security system that receives fantastic customer reviews. The pricing of bricks services is straightforward. The bell will factor in all the basics from the door sensors, doorbells, and outdoor security cameras.


  • Offers there customers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • They include every package in a mobile app
  • The response times are comparatively faster


  • The termination fees are high
  • They require contracts

Final Thoughts

To conclude, safety is a factor for all homes and institutions. Choosing the best security provider will be a win in securing your property. It accords you the peace while you are away.

Consider the ten best options above, and choose a provider that will address your needs. They are affordable, and the services they deliver are beyond our expectations.

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