Why Magnetic Eyelashes Extensions Are the Best

Why Magnetic Eyelashes Extensions Are the Best

Have you tried out the new One Two Lash? They are magnetic eyelash extensions that are one of a kind; they are designed by One Two Cosmetics. You might have used the other different types of false eyelashes, but this one stands out when it comes to its application.

Comparison between ’Falsie’ Lashes and One Two Lash

’Falsie’ Lashes

The  false lashes use adhesives i.e. glue in their applications. They can have adverse effects like eye problems during and after their application; these eye problems include inflammation, allergies and hemorrhaging. Clinical research and studies have indicated that many stores-bought adhesives and the eyelash kits found at home contain formaldehyde, which is a toxic ingredient.

Getting this type of lashes to sit correctly on your natural lash line is another problem. This makes the application process cumbersome as well as requiring considerable care. Most ladies use tools like tweezers or scissors in the application process. The tools usually subject your eyes to high risks of injury, the process itself is not as simple as such and can cause damage to your natural lashes.

The One Two Lash

A One Two Lash set has micro–magnetic patented features that allow you to set the fake magnet eyelashes to your natural eyelashes within a few seconds. It is the first magnetic eyelash extension in the world today. Its ease of application allows you to use this set of lashes at any place regardless of what you are wearing.

Steps on how to apply One Two Lashes:

  1. Open the Lash case and remove the top of the One Two Lash, then place it above your top lash line, this will be just above your natural eyelash. For identity, the top lash does not have a red dot.
  2. Make alignments at the edge of the One Two Lash with your lash line while still holding onto the One Two Lash using your thumb and index finger.
  3. Remove another One Two Lash from the case after allowing the previous One Two Lash to rest on top of your natural eyelash. The red dot on the set of lashes indicates that it’s a lower lash.
  4. Gently place the bottom One Two Lash in line with your lash line, this should be below the upper lash. Then bring the bottom of One Two Lash nearer to your natural Lash, you will feel the micro magnetic on the upper lashes pulling towards each other. Your natural lash will be sandwiched between One Two Lashes; this will indicate that they are in their right place.

One how-to video was linked above, and here is another video tutorial on applying One Two Lash.

Pretty easy isn’t it?

Removing the One Two Lash is one of the easiest things, it can also be done anywhere and at any time. Here is a step on how to remove One Two Lash:

  1. All you need to do is hold each of the micro magnets with your index finger and thumb and then carefully slide them away from each other.
  2. The two micro magnetic lashes should not be pulled forward during this removal; this is because you will permanently damage the magnetic lash as well hurt or remove your natural eyelashes.

The One Two Lash by One Two Cosmetics comes in different styles to cater for everyone’s needs.

  • The Original Lash

This style of lashes is a featherweight falsie that is ideal for people who want long, thick, strong and luxurious lashes. They are made to look natural with a pretty versatile length. They can also work with any look.

  • The Bold Lash

This style of Lash is designed specifically for high-intensity volume with a thick and dense appearance. They are a must for you if you want to look gorgeous during the night as they will mark your transition from day to night.

  • The Accent Lash

This style of Lash is designed to entangle your natural eye lines thus making them have a subtle cat eye effect with some curling at the tip. They add density to your natural lashes.

Another advantage of One Two Lash by One Two Cosmetics is that each set of One Two Lash extensions contains two different sets of lashes. The cost of One Two Lash are also favorable, thus saving you money.

It is thus straightforward to decide which among these two lashes is easiest and best for application. Why not try the One Two Lash today for the best results?

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Reasons To Consider The CFA Charter

CFA Charter

You can find a lot of information on the internet telling you why you should attempt the CFA exams, but this usually comes from people who are trying to increase CFA enrollments. What you really need is people who’ve been through the process to tell you what are the actual benefits you are likely to receive are finishing these tough assessments.

Here’s a straight-to-the-point, frank list of reasons why a CFA could be useful to you. If you’re on the fence and seeking to know more, use this information to make a wise decision on whether this challenging set of exams is worth the effort.

1. It boosts your career in finance

Industry professionals- A CFA charter can be useful as a career enhancer if you’re already in finance, or to switch to a particular role. A CFA charter would particularly help in these roles:

  • Research analysts
  • Asset Management roles, including:
    • Portfolio managers
    • Private bankers
    • Fund of fund managers
    • Financial advisers
    • Relationship managers
  • Financial strategists

Non-investment professionals. Other professionals such as lawyers and accountants have also pursued the CFA. Quite often these are gained as complementary qualifications to broaden professional expertise. Not particularly crucial, but it does help.

Students. If you’re keen on being in banking, you may want to consider the CFA charter. If you can afford the time and money, it makes sense to add another notch to your CV, but don’t make the mistake of thinking it will magically bring you a job. As a student, knowing how to network and getting good work experience will work better in getting you a job in banking.

2. It’s affordable

The total cost of a CFA charter is variable depending on type of CFA notes you get and how many exams you end up taking, but it probably will range from $2,500 to $8,500.

That’s still pretty cheap as far as professional qualifications go. The CFA charter is more about the time commitment. It’s definitely affordable.

3. Gives you a very good background in finance

As everyone is aware, the CFA exams are hard.

And the reason is the CFA notes are very thorough and detailed. It’s not hard to understand, it about retaining the information from these CFA notes that seems to be challenging.



But it also means that if you succeed in obtaining the charter, you can be assured of a great, solid grounding in financial knowledge and expertise. The syllabus is also updated continually to account for recent innovations and events, so you’ll always be learning from the most recent experiences and discussions among industry experts.

4. International recognition

The CFA charter is amongst the most recognized professional qualifications in the financial world. The great thing about global recognition is that the CFA charterholder becomes more easily transferrable across markets. If you were planning on moving to Asia, for example, employers in Asia would also recognize your CFA charter earned in Europe.

It’s the exact same qualification, and candidates are earning their charters all over the world. Today about 100,000 charterholders are working in 130 countries worldwide.

5. You don’t have to decide between MBA and CFA

It all depends on what you want and your personal goals. If you wish to devour into the financial world the CFA exams would be your best bed. But if you want something outside of finances then MBA would be a better choice.

If you are obsessed with making your CV the best possible one you can go for both, no one can stop you.

6. It will make finding a job a lot easier

Don’t take this the wrong way, just having a CFA qualification does not guarantee you a job but it will make things a lot easier for you. Nothing you can put on paper is a sure fire way of landing a job. Getting hired is a multi-stage process. Your CV and networking skills gets you the interview, and the interview is what gets you the job. No amount of CV padding is going to replace interview skills so you need to address all steps to successfully score the job you want.

7. You will receive higher pay

Pay is a very tricky question to answer. There are numerous surveys on CFA member compensation, so you could go into the finer details of compensation of a typical CFA charterholder.

However there are some recent studies on comparing the effects of compensation of roles with and without the CFA charter – that is to say, studies that attempt to place a ‘monetary value’ on the CFA charter. The CFA Institute last covered this in their 2005 compensation survey, where the concluded that CFA charterholders’ median salary was 54% higher than non CFA charterholders (a median annual salary of $180,000 for charterholders vs $116,850 for non charterholders). This was a higher effect that even MBAs. But note that this was back in 2005, so make your own conclusions.

Ultimately, suffice to say that acquiring a CFA charter will open more opportunities in finance to you and make it easier for you to explore others. As a result you can expect your career to benefit from more flexibility and higher compensation compared to if you didn’t have a CFA charter.

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The importance of NAC and how you can get more through VitaPulse

how you can get more through VitaPulse

NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) is a component that is crucial in supplements when it comes to supporting total health. There are many reasons that you should try getting as much as NAC in your system as possible for the best effects. VitaPulse by Princeton nutrients is a supplement that gives you exactly what you need and so much more.

Exactly what is NAC?

NAC is a compound that helps produce an antioxidant called glutathione, which helps secure the body’s cells from the impacts of oxidation. Oxidation creates totally free radicals, which are compounds that usually start chemical domino effect that could bring about the growth of several severe illness. NAC is a form of an amino acid known as cysteine. While you could discover cysteine in several types of foods, such as pork, turkey, poultry, and some dairy products, the only method you could obtain NAC is with either intravenous administration or by taking capsules.

Just how NAC Works and also How it’s Used

You could not know this, but you can actually overdose on acetaminophen, the cornerstone in Tylenol and various other pain relievers. Actually, virtually 80,000 people a year in the U.S. need to go to the emergency room because of acetaminophen overdoses. NAC has been shown as an efficient treatment for acetaminophen overdose when given intravenously.1.

NAC isn’t technically an anti-oxidant on its own, however it plays a key role in creating glutathione. This, then, helps to combat the aforementioned totally free radicals from doing damages to the body. Free radicals are the result when certain particles in the body communicate with oxygen. Once they develop, they either trigger cells to malfunction or pass away outright. If you do not have enough anti-oxidants in your system, it will certainly be extremely hard for your body to operate as it should.

The Many Benefits of NAC

The NAC discovered in VitaPulse by Princeton Nutrients could provide various advantages to the body. It assists to fight the results of oxidative stress and anxiety, and because of this, it could assist fight the development of several inflammatory illness. These include respiratory system troubles, joint inflammation, and many others. NAC has been revealed to decrease many of the inflammatory molecules usually located in the body, as well as it can additionally decrease inflammation after an energetic workout, decreasing soreness in the muscles.

But NAC has actually also been revealed in order to help support the wellness of the reproductive system. One of the most usual conditions affecting the women endocrine system is referred to as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). As a matter of fact, as lots of as 20 percent of ladies endure the condition at some point during their reproductive years. NAC is made use of quite often to help boost the procedure of ovulation, which is interrupted in women with PCOS.

One research study included over 1,000 females struggling with PCOS. One group of females received a medication known as clomiphene citrate during among their menstruations, while the various other team obtained a mix of clomiphene citrate and NAC. According to the results, the females getting the NAC/clomiphene citrate mix saw an improvement in ovulation by around 52 percent, while the team that did not receive NAC saw just an 18 percent improvement.3.

Men who experience male infertility could also gain from utilizing NAC. During one study entailing 120 guys with unexplained the inability to conceive (a problem also known as idiopathic the inability to conceive), fifty percent of the men got 600 mg of NAC for 3 months, while the various other group received a sugar pill.

The men that took NAC not just revealed significant enhancement in the thickness of their semen compared to the placebo group, however likewise in the motility and also quantity. Their oxidative stress was substantially lower, as was the level of antioxidants in their semen.4.

NAC might likewise assist lower the body’s resistance to insulin. Individuals suffering from obesity and high blood sugar usually have a great deal of swelling, which could bring about the destruction of insulin receptors.5

How do you get more NAC

Again, you cannot obtain NAC from food, so you’ll need to get it via either intravenous shots or supplements. Considering that the substantial bulk people can’t make it to the doctor for routine NAC shots as well as wouldn’t do so even if we could, supplements are the only response.

VitaPulse from Princeton Nutrients is a supplement that could provide individuals with the NAC they require. The business stands behind VitaPulse and all various other products it uses with a no-questions-asked reimbursement plan. Simply send back whatever vacant containers you buy for a full refund. In addition, Princeton Nutrients ensures the top quality of their items by sending them to independent 3rd party research laboratories for screening before they are provided to the general public.

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